Shall we ???? 

Now then ! Well, I got to my mindfulness thingy and the lady who runs it went home ill for the day! So I’m gonna try and be productive and test the waters with an idea I’ve been working on.
Were all going on a summer holiday! (well, a weekend away)
I keep going on about being outside/walking/at one with nature, if you’d like! (Went on a nice walk this morn with my camera).
So this idea. I think it’d be nice to get away somewhere for the weekend and take in some country walks/nice chat/nice wine (if that’s your bag?) and as a good friend of mine put it, have a ‘digital detox’. But ultimately, I’d love it if total strangers could meet up and talk about anything and know you’re not going through this alone and there’s people out there who understand and want to help.
I’ve emailed a few places and the most positive response is from a place called Boggle Hole, North Yorkshire. 
They have a few vacancies at the beginning of May (this may be a little too soon) but really I’m looking at what kind of numbers I’ll be working with. I’ll organise everything, you’ll need some pennies for accommodation and such (not much – maybe about £35 for a night).  
Please feel free to add any ideas or locations (in the U.K before my brother pipes up).
But most importantly please, please, please share this around. For me, to meet up with a stranger battling depression/mental health problems and for them to take the brave step to do same would make me a very happy chappy indeed.
Peace and love everybody. C’mon lets do this #talktalkandtalksomemore

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