“My Eyes Are Just A Little Sweaty Today”

Now then! It’s been a while since I last posted but today something happened today that I’d like to talk about.

For 2 days this week I’ve been on a Youth Mental Health First Aid course and today in a room full of (mostly) strangers I cried… and I felt like a right dick!

Yes, I’m very open about my mental health struggles but it niggled at me for the rest of the day and night.

We got onto the subject of suicide and what that person might be thinking at the time and it hit a little close to home. But apart from this course I also started a NCFE Level 2 counselling skills course at college and it made me question if I’m doing the right thing. Because I cried and blokes ain’t meant to cry, right? Wrong! Nowt wrong with a good sob, it can even make you feel better at times.

So this is just a quick post to say to everyone, but especially us blokes – it’s okay to cry. Talking about emotional subjects can be… emotional! But we’re not robots – we, yes us men, we have feelings and emotions and there’s certainly nothing wrong with showing them. I told a friend how I felt like a dick and she said I should feel brave that I could do that in a room full of strangers. So yeah, I’m a cryer – and a fucking beautiful one at that!

Take care, keep safe and if the time calls for it, listen to what your eyes are saying and have a cry. Nowt wrong with that at all.