Keep Going mk3 

Now then. It’s Sunday morning, hopefully it’s a beaut of a day and it’s nearly been a week since I said “I’m not ok” and I’m happy to report that right now “I’m doing ok”.

That’s because I talk about it and many other things – support from family and friends, mindfulness (of course), been listening to some classic music (as in tunes!), busy at work, and just keeping positive and I go to my first Yoga session today. I know some of you might be thinking “So what, you’re living a normal life, so do I and I don’t bang on about” (think that’s our good old friend, Stigma talking).

It does take hard work at times and I have to keep taking medication too – but it’s what I have to do to keep my head from thinking shit things! (trust me, it’s fucking bullshit) I wish it did all come naturally.

Another thing that gives me such a drive at the minute is my continued use and meeting of people on social media. You’re not alone, we’re not alone, and together we will spread the word that it’s ok not to be ok and fight the stigma. Mental health really does matter.

And on that note…!

I don’t know if you see the little trailer I did for coast to coast challenge? I think it’d be awesome. Hard work but so much fun to be had biking across the country with ya mates, chatting shit on the evenings, moaning all the days while raising awareness on mental health and hopefully raising any money. And I would be honoured if you, yes you, total stranger (if you are one of course) would join or help us along the way. Got a great group of family and friends we’ll greet you with open arms. I. Can. Not. Wait.

Keep getting up, keep going and and keep kicking arse

Take care everybody

Peace and love

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