Now then! This is a public service broadcast brought to you, by, Mr. Matthew David Smith.

Right I don’t know if this a rant/getting something off my chest or our good friend old Stigma (I’m going for Stigma! ) but I’m just writing to apologise for all my increased activity on fezzy, twitter and now I’m on instagram! ( mattsmith9934 – catchy, I know !).

So as the title suggests, sorry, but no I’m not really sorry! (Sorry). This is something I am truly passionate about at the same time as making me feel good and keeping me busy, so to the people who read my ‘shit’ and think “for fuck sake, is he still going on about that?” yes, yes I am still going on and it’s only gonna get worse! (Better).

It really does bother me that people are scared to tell others that they don’t feel ok. They feel down or stressed or the ultimate one, they want to kill themselves! But, and I’m not religious bashing here, I’m very much – if it works for you, I’m cool with that!…….. but, you can tell someone you believe in a god and carry on conversation as normal – now, tell someone you’ve got depression and wanted to kill yourself and they’ll slowly step away from you like you’re ‘crazy’ (naughty word) or something, that you can’t function or even that you present a danger to them!

I’m fairly (very) confident I might be aiming too high here but I want mental illness, in all its form, to be as easy to speak to someone as that. So I will continue my sharing on social media, if it hits the eyes of that person who’s not feeling ‘ok’ and it helps them realise they’re not alone and there is help. But you need to tell somebody first (talk, talk and talk some more).

I’ve changed and my outlook on life has changed. I don’t think you’ll understand if you’ve not lived through it but no one deserves to be suffering in silence because they are afraid to tell someone.

Have a good day everybody

Peace and love (sorry)

One thought on “#soznotsoz

  1. Stick to your guns Matt and keep coming out fighting not just for yourself but for everyone. They need you even if they do not realize it yet.


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