Duh, duh, duuh 

Now then! Well, I’ve had an interesting week. I’ve had some cracking responses to the blog and got some exciting projects on the cards. Thank you all for sharing this, you could well have saved a life.

In true soap/drama form, writers introduce a big fuck off stressor of all stressors – to plunge the “everything is going well for this character” story arc into a blunt stop….. let’s kill ’em off!

But ah-ha, this ain’t no soap story, this is (I hate to say sometimes) my life. And like I’ve said before, I’ve developed the tools to fight back now. I’m actually a little thrown about how well I’m dealing with said stressor, I’m waiting for the dread, the fear!

But I’m knocking them for 6 (well, maybe bouncing just before the boundary).

So as I’m feeling good, I’d like to thank you all again for sharing (how many people have got bored of seeing my ugly mug pop up on their feed?!) so thank you and keep going, as I’ll keep fighting for myself and the ones who suffer in silence – I won’t let my gaurd down!

Have a good day everybody,

Peace and love

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