The Good Life 

Now then! I’ve been feeling really good recently and celebrated a mates 40th at the weekend… which was nice! (Fast Show, anyone?!).

And I think along with this blog, ‘coming out’, my Mindfulness course, healthy eating (the hardest one!), and my walks, I feel, shall we say “fucking fantastic”. Pardon my French.

And saying all that, we all know what’s coming next…………but….

I’m scared! Not scared that I’ll hurt myself or (cough) kill myself, just that I’ll end up there again and everything is good now there’s still some stresses I ignore but are gonna have to be faced at some point. But with everything I’ve been doing I feel I’m getting closer to take on.

This isn’t a cry for help/attention. I’m all good – sounds strange I know.

My parents go away for a well deserved week-long break from the hard work I’m making retirement for them, and I fear they’d not go, but I’m actually looking forward to a week alone, it’s a good test of moving home. I’ll nail it! To some who think “big whoop” – fuck you! This is a big step for me.

Anyways, I’ve babbled on, but like I say talk, talk and talk some more.

The good life?

(drum roll please) I’ve aquird an allotment. I know, right! I’m loving it, but not as much as my parents, they’ve right taken over – but of course that was my cunning plan all along! But seriously I can’t wait to get stuck in, being outside, making it look nice, grow our own veg with our Moo and cook something up together – cannot wait for that.

So, sorry for going on a bit. Everything is going great, I’ve got my next targets, let’s keep going.

Have a good day everybody,

Peace and love

4 thoughts on “The Good Life 

  1. Well done Matt. We are so proud of what you achieved so far and know things might come to test you sometime but we are confident you can take whatever it is head on and beat it.
    Hope you don’t miss us too much whilst we here in Norfolk but we will be thinking of you (and calling/texting) every day..
    That’s it for now, mams poured me a glass of red and said we must relax. (We have lots to do on your allotment on our return 😜

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    • I certainly will or should that be I’ll certainly try ! I know I can sit and write this and tell people that but the beauty of this illness is if it grabs ya it takes all rational thinking and throws it out the window. Thank you for your support


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