It’s ok not to be ok (stolen off Ruby Wax)

As the title suggests it’s ok not to be ok, but why are so many of us (including me) afraid to tell others when we’re ‘feeling blue’?

You may think that because I’m writing this blog and baring my soul to anybody who comes across it (hehe) that it’s easy for me to tell others when I’m having a down day/days/week/month! you get the drift, but it’s not, it’s one of the hardest things to come out and say, especially to my family.

Now as it’s obvious to see, I’m the funny one of the family! The happy- go-lucky, slight fuck-up but I mean well! So to ‘come out’ to them was the hardest and still is now if I’m not feeling it.

Ah, there may be some of you thinking (including mates and family) “So what I have down days but I don’t want to kill myself” and yes, I used to have down days and fix it with a couple of pints or even having a slob day.

But now my down days are a different animal altogether!

But to get back on track; I liken depression, especially suicidal depression the same as sex, death, current politics ! – Taboo topics

But ultimately you just want everybody to think you’re ok so they’re not worrying about you and others just don’t get it full stop. It is hard to say to people “hey, I’m not feeling it today, can you just leave me alone to sleep it off and I’ll soon be reet” And sleep is one of my favourite escaspes; it turns the brain off!

I don’t want to be pussy footed around, fake compassion, routinely checked in on – seems like a strange request but for me, we can feel down for a day or two and that’s ok but we need to tell people so if it goes on longer then they can ‘encourage’ you to get up, get out on them walks and you’ll start feeling better.

I’m sure, even after writing all this, I’ll fail to tell people in the future but please be assured I’m trying my hardest and anybody who is reading this out there, it gets easier, just do me, your family and friends a favour and talk to them or at least quickly tell them and scarper back to your room!

Have a good day everybody

Peace and love

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