Keep Going

Now then! It’s been 1 week since I started this blog and the support I’ve had from everyone has been amazing, many thanks from the bottom of my heart x

I had the aim of helping people or 1 person suffering to reach out and talk about their mental health.

It’s been a very good week , best I’ve felt for months, and that’s got to be in no small part, down to writing this blog and ‘coming out’ about my depression.  It would be foolish, ney fucking idiotic of me to think “hey, I’m all better now “ yeah, sod all them months (nearly a year now !) of hell and not wanting to be alive, I’ve had 1 good week out of nearly 52!! and even writing this sentence I’m fighting with my brain not to think negative thoughts.

Unfortunately, and I use unfortunately because fuck no, I don’t want to, but I will be fighting this, my hopefully long(ish)! whole life. And that’s why I can’t and won’t rest on ones laurels and forget about everyone out there who is suffering in silence. Yeah, I feel good right now but I guarantee I will have another ‘episode’ at some point and I want a support group to help me out

Here’s some facts and figures about that joyful subject…………..suicide. Please give them a read and think “ fuck, far too many people are killing themselves because they’re afraid to speak about it “


 Key trends from the Samaritans Suicide Statistics Report 2016

  • There were 6,581 suicides in the UK and Republic of Ireland, in 2014.
  • In 2014, 6,122 suicides were registered in the UK. This corresponds to a suicide rate of 10.8 per 100,000 people (16.8 per 100,000 for men and 5.2 per 100,000 for women).
  • The highest suicide rate in the UK in 2014 was for men aged 45-49 at 26.5 per 100,000.
  • The male suicide rate decreased in the UK (by 5.6%), England (by less than 1%)less than 1%!!!!!!!!!!!and!, Wales (by 37.6%) what are they doing in Wales ?, Scotland (by 17.6%), Northern Ireland  (by 10.2%) and Republic of Ireland (by 6.4%) between 2013 and 2014.
  • Female suicide rates increased in the UK (by 8.3%), England (by 14%), Scotland (by 7.8%) and Republic of Ireland (by 14.7%) between 2013  and 2014. Female suicide rates decreased in Wales (by 38.2%)again, Wales, what you doing? and Northern Ireland (by 17.7%).
  •  The female suicide rate in England is at its highest since 2005. This could be a blog           itself, but is it the pressure of the media driven world we live in now to look magazine               perfect at all times? ( I don’t know)
  •   The female suicide rate in the UK is at its highest since 2011. This worries me                 because of my Moo and I’m petrified she’ll grow up with a brain like mine


Have a good day

Peace and love

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