What a beaut of a day

Now then! I’ve not had anything on today and in the height of my depression a day like today would be amazing; lying in bed with the curtains closed, in the same clothes I had on the day before watching yet more It’s always sunny in Philadelphia.

Now in that last paragraph I say about “in the same clothes as the day before” – Truth be told, and that’s why I’m writing this blog, to try and give readers insights and signs that they might be depressed or someone close to them is – I went days , even weeks(!) without washing, brushing my teeth, I didn’t have a beard because it was ‘on trend’  and yeah, I didn’t change my y-fronts either! Absolutely fucking gross I know, but I just didn’t care about anything and I mean anything. I was consumed with death/suicide and when and where to do it. I even Googled “ways to kill yourself”.

So now on days like this (the sun is out and it’s a beaut of a day), I get my favourite playlist on and go for a walk, tidy the house (or bedroom as living with parents – I’m 35!), read a book, visit friends – just get out there and live. I’m no professional and I can’t explain it but a good walk, listening to your music (even if it’s the same song over and over again because that song is making so much sense right now) makes you feel better and give you that spring in your step to do the tidying, have a shower, or ring and have chat with a friend.

Get out there, do it. It’s so much more fun than thinking about being dead.

I’m going to share a few songs that I liked to listen to over and over that took me away from them dark thoughts even if it was just an hour or so. It’d be great if you could share some too, I could do with discovering some new tunes

New Banger – Kano (every walk starts with this song at the minute, don’t think it’s about a new car!)

Sticks ‘n’ Stone – Jamie T

Your Graduation – Modern Baseball

Fast Car – Tracey Chapman (classic)

This is England – Kano

Just a Friend – Biz Markie

Give it All – Rise Against

Family Business – Kanye West

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley (then I’d hit his album Grace. I couldn’t get enough of it in my darkest times)


Have a good day

Peace and Love

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