It’s not all doom and gloom

Now then! I’d like to thank you again for messages of support. I keep having to tell myself I’ve got to keep going, not because I don’t want too but because I’m still shiting myself and it was another sleepless night arguing with my self ! You my not like it, Smith but that’s the reason you’re doing it ya jabroni!

Anyways, what I’m trying to say today is that it’s not all dark rooms, dark thoughts, dark talk. We may of wanted to kill ourselves but there’s still good days out there

Mine for example today is me, 2 of my mates have booked the day off work, about to go for a greasy breakfast, into town, buy New out today game and go  back to our 18 year old selves and play killing people on Xbox all day. Oh wait, that’s what we still do now !

Have a good day everybody

Peace and love x

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