Well. Well indeed. Thank you everybody who has shared and sent messages, its slightly overwhelming ! x………………. but since I pressed tweet and post yesterday I’ve pretty much been feeling sick, for reasons I don’t even understand ! I decided to do this to help me ‘come out’ so I can start picking my moo from her mums and school and just take her out and about. But last night was a terrible night filled with self-doubt, anxiety, lots of sighing  and telling myself ” oh fuck off, Matthew” (always use my full name when telling myself off)

So, yeah, I wanted to do this to make it easier for me to get out and about and now I’ve regressed to wanna just stay in my room again. Its fucking great how the mind works ain’t it !?

Anyways, one good thing about not being back at work yet is that today I’ve got my moo so its going to be a day filled with baking, being a horse, a dinosaur, a plane, a helicopter and generally being bossed about.

Have a good day

Peace and love x

One thought on “Well……….

  1. Anything that is worth while is never easy…. You are doing the right thing so remember that you will win at this thing called life, 1 day at a time xx


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